Puerto Deportivo Los Gigantes D.P. 38436
Santiago del Teide - Tenerife




Madeira - Cabo verde






GES-NAUTIC organizes at the end of the summer season, from October to November, crossings of fifteen days, to enjoy a marvelous adventure across the Atlantic sailing full sail, getting to know life aboard a sailboat and participating in all the duties and daily chores aboard, collaborating in a team to achieve our objective and arrive at Madeira – Funchal, also called la Perla del Atlántico, living unique moments.

To enjoy all these experiences we will sail from Los Gigantes – Tenerife, passport in hand, on the 1st of October, leaving the island of Gran Canaria on our starboard and Fuerteventura at our rear port side, on arriving at the North of Fuerteventura in Corralejo we will make our only stop over before we take route at 325º direction Madeira.

At 9hrs on the following day we will leave the port and put Lanzarote on our port side crossing the Atlantic at a speed of 5 or 6 knots approximately to arrive at our destination of 283 nautical miles.

After a day and a half of sailing we perceive on our starboard side the headland of the the island of Bugio and after the big deserted island we find on our bow Madeira,with it's capital Funchal where one hundred thousand people live, there we will rest in the port and visit the city with it's extraordinary culture and the obligatory visits to the Sé (Cathederal) from the XV century and the Quinta das Cruces museum.

Once the boat is restocked with provisions we will head East of the island along the coast, until we arrive at Sta. Cruz and shortly after reach the Calhau Beach where we can cast anchor and visit this part of the island until we arrive at Pto de Sta Maria where we begin our next stage of the return trip to Los Gigantes for day 15.

On these trips it's quiet normal to see dolphines and cetaceas, so it's recomended to take a good camera, to capture these magical moments, the very blue waters near the shore invite the whales to swim very close to land at times.





Price list


Shared cabin  1.925 € /per person Individual cabin  4.400 €


Maximum capacity per sailboat 6 people, plus 2 crew.





GES-NAUTIC will take you from November and during 20 days to the Islands of Cabo Verde, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, a small paradise wating to be discovered.

To enjoy these experiences we will leave from Los Gigantes – Tenerife, passport in hand, on the 1st of November, leaving the island of Gran Canaria on our port side heading 214º during 7 days sailing in the Atlantic until we arrive at San Vicente where we will have 6 days to discover and enjoy this island before we return sailing for 7 days more to Tenerife, we will get to know a little the group of islands that form the archipielago, they cover an area of 4.033 square kilometers they are formed by ten volcanic islands and 5 islets .

The islets (according to the wind on entry) are divided in two groups: Barlovento y Sotavento.

The islands of Barlovento are formed by: Boa Vista, Sal, Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau, Sao Vicente y Santa Luzia (uninhabited).

The islands of Sotavento are formed by: Fogo, Brava, Maio, Santiago.With a mild tropical, dry saharan climate and very little rain, Cabo Verde can be considered to have the perfect temperature, it varies from between 20ºC in winter and 25º C in summer, it`s annual average is 24º C .

Although it rains very little, the rain season starts from August to October, and the dry season is between November and July. The more african islands (Santiago) and the more european (Sao Vicente) all have a flavor and rhythm caboverdian.







This is our objective, the mountainous island of Sao Vicente.One of the islands of the Archipelago of Barlovento of Cabo Verde.

It's the most cultural island, the capital is Mindelo, where you can find infinitive amusements to enjoy as there are countless artists of all kinds. The Airport is in Sao Pedro some 10 kilometers from the capital, from there direct flights leave for the island of Sal and the island of Santiago.(daily).

The island of San Vicente also has conections with other islands via sea.

The price of the Excursions around the island, if by taxi, can cost between 30 euros and 40 euros (all depending on your ability to haggle).In the center of the city we find such emblamatic building as The School of Jorge Brabosa, The Palace of Povo, The Municpal Library, or the Market  


islas de cabo verde 


This archipelago is a Paradise full of contrasts where virgin beaches mix with others of white sand, beautiful cliffs with praires, where on ocasiones the volcanos appear from the depths to demonstrate all their beauty, there are no end of possibilities to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, where you can enjoy hobbies such as diving,rambling, fishing, windsurfing, or simple going to the beach.



Shared cabins  2.325 € /persona Individual cabins 5.275 €


Maximum capacity per sailboat 6 persons, plus 2 crew. . 






The price includes: Crew and navigating services including fuel and sail boat services and security.

Not included in the price: Displacements to port of embarkation or from port of debarkation to airport or other places, moorings or port taxes, provisions, customs taxes, or visas, at clients own cost.