Puerto Deportivo Los Gigantes D.P. 38436
Santiago del Teide - Tenerife




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Crossing the Atlantic is a dream for navigators, even for those who have little experience, its a sea voyage to be yourself, among the elements, participating in a great adventure, and to live unforgettable moments.

You can really get to know life aboard a sailboat, how you live, how you think and take part in all the tasks and daily duties to acheive a comfortable and effective crossing, spending time in perfect harmony with your travel companions, discovering the true meaning of friendship.

You will fish, swim and have time to satisfy all your own curiosities, the crew of GES-NAUTIC, will take you to the other side of the Atlantic and will guide you through all your doubts and questions in sailing on the high seas, with the minimum risks.

As always in crossing the Atlantic we have to take into account the meteorology and the Ocean currents.

To acheive all these emotions and experiences, we will leave from  Tenerife the 1st of December in direction of the island of Granada, it's a wonderful island, for most of you it will be your first experience of sailing on the high seas, surrounded by only water, in a blue sea, with a clean breeze, and an unforgettable sensation of freedom.

After a cordial farewell to our family and friends, the moment of truth arrives, the first tensions are relaxed, laughs and emotions, the heart begins to beat, and now we have no possibilities to turn back, our dream is begining to come true, from now on we are not going to cast anchor, we will sail 24hrs non stop, 2825 miles towards a new experience, sharing guard duties, anxieties, details of the boats, and nautical knowledge, until at last we arrive around the 27 of December at Granada point of destiny for some of our sailors and the first stage for those who will continue on the trip, for a few days we can relax and do some tourism, once we have picked up our new companions on the adventure and stocked up the boat we will continue the trip for the second stage.




The 1st of January we leave Granada direction Caracas, leaving our port and continuing some 200 miles along the coast towards Curaçao, some days later we also leave the coast of Panamá, and in time, arriving at Puerto Limón in Costa Rica after having sailed about 1400 miles across the Carribean, this port, with modern instalations is very prepared to receive navigators and holds known international events. The sun, nature, gastronomy and the culture will make our stay in this port, not only the end of our adventure, but a place for its beauty and magic worth the effort to have crossed the Atlantic. 


List of Prices


Shared cabin    2.950 € /per person Individual cabin 6.450 €


Shared cabin    2.450€ /per person  Individual cabin 5.450 € 


Maximum capacity for sailboat 6 persons, plus crew of 2 




The price includes:Crew and all the services for sailing the sailboat including the fuel and everthing referring to security.

The price does not include: Displacements to the port of embarkation or from the port of dismbarkation to airports or elsewhere, moorings or port dues, supplies, custom taxes, or visas, will be at the cost of the clients.